Tips for Using Signage to Increase Your Business

Internet advertising and social media are very popular ways for businesses to find customers, but actual signage is still vitally important for a business to grow. Signs can get the attention of passersby in any area to advertise your physical location, website or other contact information. To use signage to increase your business, note a few important tips to consider.

Customer lawns

If you're a painter, landscaper, tree trimmer or contractor, ask if you can put a sign in their front lawn after the work is finished, and keep it there for a few weeks. This will tell neighbours, passersby and surrounding business whose great work is being done or has been done on a property. When those persons are ready for a new landscaper, painter, roofer, siding installer or other such professional, they'll immediately know to give you a call.

Be sure to keep track of where these signs are placed and when they need to be removed so you can use them again and again. Also, be sure to use a bright and contrasting colour for the sign; a green background or lettering on a green lawn won't be seen so easily. Use a black sign with white lettering or yellow with black lettering and other such visible combinations instead.


Be sure your vehicle has a sign advertising your business; this can be a magnetic sign you put on the doors during work hours and which you can take off at night, if needed. Bumper stickers are very affordable, or you can go the opposite route and have your entire vehicle wrapped in signage. This would cover the entire body of the vehicle and include your website, slogan and other information and be very eye-catching to other cars.

Window signage

If you have a physical location for your business, you might swap window signage with other businesses. An auto repair shop might place their sign in the window of your restaurant, and you would then display your sign at their location. You might also be able to buy space for a window signage at a neighbourhood convenience store or other such business; note if you see similar signs in the window, as this often indicates that they rent out that space. For other local businesses, you might simply ask the owner if you can place a small sign in their window! They may be happy to help local businesspersons and self-employed persons in their neighbourhood by offering free space for signs.