Three Fundamental Guidelines for Replacing Old Car Decals

If your old decals are no longer enhancing your vehicle, you should plan for immediate replacement. Decals are beneficial for marketing a business. The colourful stickers are prominent, ensuring increased brand visibility. Moreover, the right design will personalise your car. However, if the decals are faded, damaged or peeling, the effect might be poor. The deterioration might be translated as a lack of auto care and bad professionalism. Here are simple guidelines to help you replace your car decals effectively.

Choose the Right Decals The replacement of your decals should begin with acquiring the perfect new ones. In general, if the stickers are intended to advertise a business, this process will involve designing a custom product. However, you can reuse your old design if it is still appealing. If you are interested in a new item, begin with the selection of new colours. The chosen hues should be visible and prominent against the car, so opt for brighter colours. Multiple colours will ensure more interest, and you can use your existing brand colours for consistency and memorability. Consider incorporating your logo or slogan into the decal design. Otherwise, new customers might not learn enough about your business. Also, use a humorous catchphrase or saying to get more attention and maximise the marketing effect. Additionally, consult your car decals specialist if you are uncertain about your design.

Remove Your Old Decal You can have decals installed by a professional in auto detailing, but it is often unnecessary. The process will only involve removing the old decals and installing the new ones. Sticker removal requires a little finesse because the adhesive is highly durable. You will need to clean the old decal and the area around it. Dust and grime might affect the ease of sticker removal. Then, warm the decal using a hairdryer or other safe heating appliance. The warmth will cause the adhesive to soften, allowing you to scrape off the sticker using a card. Some gooey residues might remain on your car, so purchase a glue removal product.

Apply the Sticker with Care You can choose to apply your new decal on the same spot or select another location. Regardless of your choice, begin the work by cleaning the surface of your vehicle. Avoid using glass cleaning formulations since these linger on surfaces and compromise adhesion. Instead, use water with mild soap or even rubbing alcohol. Once the chosen spot is clean, peel the backing material and place the sticker with care. Finally, remove air bubbles to create a seamless effect.

For more information on car decals, contact a company near you.