What to Remember When Creating a Sign for a Tradeshow

Tradeshows can act as exciting opportunities for your business to generate more exposure and attract more revenue. Alongside having a strong presence at your next one, you'll need to ensure you find the right signage solutions. Ahead of the event, here's what to consider when ordering your signs.

A Single Message

The temptation to bombard trade show attendees with multiple messages is often strong. However, when customers receive too much information, they fail to recall what's important. This means your business might not be memorable to them after the day ends, or they may choose another vendor. Ahead of creating your sign, consider what you want your key marketing message to be. Write it down and then work on shortening it until you can't go any further. Making sure your message is short gives it a stronger chance of capturing your target audience's attention.

Using Quality Images

There's no rule that says you must include an image on your sign. Sometimes, you can convey everything you need to say with words alone. However, if you are using images, ensure they're high-quality. Not using a quality image can inflict harm on your brand's reputation. It sends the message that you don't really care about how you look. And if you don't care about how you look, customers could assume that you don't care about them either. A sharp image is enticing, especially if it features the product or solution your prospective customers are searching for. Before submitting images to the person who provides your signage solutions, ensure they can print them with adequate clarity.

Secure Visibility

Your sign won't be the only feature at your exhibition. You may be displaying products, erecting a pop-up store, or holding talks. Whatever the activity is, consider whether it's going to get in the way of the sign. For example, you may be planning a sign with a clear message, but the desk you're erecting blocks the middle of it. Or, your sign might be too high for physical structures to disrupt it, but the lights at the trade show produce a glare that makes it hard to read. Considering small logistical factors can ensure your sign is visible on the day and gives its manufacturer a chance to fulfil your expectations.

Finally, contact the tradeshow planning team before producing your sign to see if they have any regulations. While most are flexible, some may have specific requirements you must fulfil.