Two tips businesspeople should follow when ordering their custom exhibition stands

Here are two tips for businesspeople who need to order custom exhibition stands.

They should have a detailed discussion about their business and the exhibition event venue

The first thing a businessperson should do in this situation is have a detailed discussion with the signage company about their business and the exhibition event venue. During this conversation, they should share images of their logo, brand aesthetic and colours, and explain how prominently they want these visual elements to be displayed within the exhibition stand's design. They should also discuss which parts, if any, of the stand will include interactive features (for example, if they're a technology business, they might want to showcase a new tech gadget that the event attendees can test out). This is important, as the presence of this interactive feature will affect both the layout of the stand and the amount of free space that is left for other design features.

Additionally, they'll need to give the signage company staff the dimensions of the area in which they'll be putting up the exhibition stand and discuss the type of lighting that the venue has. The former will help the signage company to create a stand that is the perfect fit for the available space. The latter will influence their suggestions regarding illuminating the exhibition stand. For instance, if the businessperson explains that the venue only has a few basic fluorescent overhead lights, then the signage company staff might suggest that they either integrate lights into some parts of the exhibition stand or include some reflective materials. This would help attendees to spot the exhibition stand, even if the venue's lighting is not very bright.

They should opt for the best materials they can afford

Many businesspeople in this situation make the mistake of having their custom exhibition stand produced with cheap materials. They usually do this because they feel it isn't worth the splurge when their stand will only be used for a single event and will be in place for perhaps a few days at most. However, having a signage business use high-quality materials to make an exhibition stand can be a worthwhile investment. The reason for this is that the exhibition event attendees will inevitably get very close to the materials each stand is made from, and may (in instances where the stand has interactive features) end up having direct contact with parts of each stand.

If a businessperson has had their custom stand made with flimsy materials, these attendees will probably notice this when they are close to it and may make unfavourable assumptions about the business because of this. They might, for example, assume that the products the business sells are of the same low quality as the exhibition stand itself. Furthermore, exhibition stands made of cheap materials, that have interactive features, could easily be accidentally damaged by the event attendees who touch these features. If for example, an attendee dents a cheaply-made 'wall' when interacting with some part of it, the owner of that exhibition stand might have to make do with a damaged stand for the remainder of the event. As such, any business owner who wants their custom stand to impress people at this event should have it made with the best materials.