Neon or LED Signage: 4 Ways Retrofitting Your Business with the Latter Pays Off

Illuminating your business with signs will help promote your brand. However, choosing signage for your business can sometimes be overwhelming. You have to consider some factors before selecting the one you feel will be the most ideal for your business. Essentially, there are two major types of business signs to choose from: neon and LED. Neon have been the conventional way used by many business owners for their signage. However, the increase in the use of LED signs has sparked some questions concerning the benefits of these signs. If you are yet to retrofit your business place with LED signs, here are some reasons you should.

Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is crucial when you are advertising your business or brand. LED signs have better clarity than their neon counterparts in terms of visibility. This is because LED displays usually produce a clearer and brighter glow than neon lighting. This means your business can be spotted much clearer from a much farther distance. The extra brightness of LED signs is extremely crucial during the day. Reading a neon sign clearly in broad daylight can be challenging for potential customers especially from afar due to its low level of brightness. The good thing about the brighter glow of LED signs is that it will last the entire service life of the lighting. This is basically because unlike neon signs, LEDs do not have gases that could possibly leak out and cause dimness.

Ease of Customisation

Customising your LED signs with various colour designs or animations that match your business brand is easy. This is because while neon signs are a form of continuous glass tubes, their LED counterparts are made of several tiny separate lights that make it easy to achieve a myriad of animation and design options.

Reduced Power Consumption

Power consumption by lights depends on the type of light being radiated and the amount of energy being used. The type of light radiated by LEDs is usually at a much lower temperature (cold light). This means they emit less heat and therefore consume much less energy. Conserving some energy when you have lighting displays is a plus in terms of energy bills.

Low Level Maintenance

LEDs don't have gases so you don't have to worry about replacing your signs or refilling the gas when it runs out. Because of the presence of tubes, cleaning neon signs may require some extra care. With your LED signs, this won't be an issue.