School Signs to Help Reduce Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is present in Australian schools, and in some cases, the effects of bullying can be devastating for the victim. There is a lot your school can do to reduce bullying, and as part of your education and outreach efforts, you may want to hang some anti-bullying signs in your school. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Informational Signs on Where to Get Help

In many cases, victims of bullying don't know where to turn for help. Consider giving them the information they need by posting a few signs prominently throughout the school.

The signs can have the names and room numbers of teachers who are willing to help, websites with more information or phone numbers that the students can call.

2. Signs for Safe Areas

You may also want to put some signs on the door's of counsellor's offices, nurse's offices or other spaces where students can pop in and report bullying. Those signs may say something such as "Safe Zone: Report Bullying Here" or something to that effect.

That lets students know that they don't have to worry about retaliation if they report their experience to a safe adult at the school. Remember, to make any of these signs effective, you should pair them with educational seminars for your students.

3. Signs That Remind Students Not to Be a Bystander

In 87 percent of bullying cases in Australia, other students are present, and in most cases, these students just let the bullying happen. This psychological phenomena is not just restricted to kids. In many cases, when something is going wrong (whether it's an attack or even a fire) and there are a lot of bystanders, no one steps forward to help because they assume someone else will do that.

Let your students know that it's their job to come forward and to defend anyone who is being bullied. Remind them of that message with school signs that say things like "Don't Be Silent. Speak Up When You See Bullying" or "Allowing Bullying to Happen Makes You Complicit / Stop Bullying Today".

4. Signs That Define Bullying

When designing anti-bullying signs for your school, also consider defining bullying. Many people have one idea of bullying in their minds, and they forget that other activities are just as bad. To that end, consider putting up signs with advice such as "Teasing Is Bullying / No Teasing" or "Gossiping Is Bullying / Stop Gossiping About Others".

With a combination of resources, facts and inspirational ideas, the right school signs may be able to help you reduce bullying in your school. Contact a sign company to order signs today.