4 Ways to Make Your Business Sign Stand Out

While the signs outside your business need to display relevant information, they also need to be eye-catching and creative if they are going to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. A dull looking sign will blend in with the surrounding area. Below is a guide which will help you to design a sign which will really stand out.

Deploy humorous images and words 

A humorous saying or funny image can really help to catch people's attention and make them stop and take notice. If you need ideas, you could search online for popular or famous phrases. You could also install a sign which allows you to change the letters. This will allow you to change the wording on your sign every week to generate interest in your business.

Consider a mobile sign

If your potential customers walk past the same sign in the same location every day, it will soon become invisible to them as they will tune out and focus on other things. However, using a mobile sign can eliminate this problem. A mobile sign will allow you to change the location of your sign every few days. Because no one will be expecting the new location of the sign, you will be able to capture people's attention.

Maximise movement 

Signs which move will help to catch the attention of potential customers. There are a number of high-tech options such as LED lights which will flash on and off to create a sense of movement, or a digital screen which will allow you to scroll text across the front of your business sign. Signs which use movement do not need to be high-tech. For example, you could use a series of flags which are attached to your sign.

Light up your sign

Using a spotlight on your sign is a fantastic way to create interest and attention in your business. In order to increase the effect on your sign, you should use a range of different coloured lights which will move across the front of your signage. You may also wish to invest in a projector so you can project words and images onto the side of your business in order to boost the impact of your signage.

If you are currently looking to invest in new signage for your business and would like further assistance, you should contact a professional sign manufacturer for further help and advice.