How to Create an Attractive Corporate Sign for an Upcoming Trade Show

Are you planning for an upcoming trade show? You'll need a quality corporate sign to increase the outreach of your business. Even if you already have a logo and an established brand, creating an attractive and customised sign for a trade show will attract more people to your booth. In addition, trade shows are excellent opportunities for you to make your business stand out from other participants at the event.

Creating a corporate sign for a trade show is an artistic process. You need to consider the size, material and design of your sign so as to give off the best possible impression. Here's how you can create a useful sign for your trade show.

Consider your intended goal during the trade show

The type of sign you create will largely depend on your intended objective at the trade show. For example, if your business is launching a new product/service, you may be looking to create an attractive sign that draws attention. LED signs or colourful banner signs may work well for such situations.

If your brand is already established and you expect to attract many people to your booth, a subtle business sign can create an interesting contrast. For example, pull-up banners embedded with the company logo can be used to mark the boundaries of your trade booth without having to be too conspicuous. This design creates a subtle confidence and mystique about your brand.

Select a material that matches your trade show booth

Next, consider the material you wish to use for your corporate sign. Your material choice should match the trade booth design you intend to use. For example, a fancy trade show booth with colourful designs and new products should be accompanied with conspicuous signs that give your brand an identity.

If you're going for an all-metal trade booth design, don't use a cardboard or plastic sign for your logo. Similarly, don't use an oversized sign for a small trade show booth. Aluminium, corrugated plastic and polyester (for pull-up banners) are quality materials you can consider for creating a sign.

Graphics are also important

After deciding on a material to use, the graphics will be your icing on the cake. The challenge is to determine how your logo, tagline and other components will fit onto the sign. The secret is to use a combination of text, shapes and images to complete the sign and to make it stand out.

Make sure you create a consistent theme that matches your other business platforms (such as your website and brochures). Visibility is also key, and don't hesitate to add some background lighting (such as LEDs) to bring your intended design to life.

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