How to Ensure That Your New Store Stands Out in a Crowded Environment

If you're setting up shop in a busy urban environment, you may be lucky enough to be situated on what is traditionally known as the 'high street.' This is the main thoroughfare and enjoys extensive footfall during normal shopping hours, so you've got every opportunity to make a success of your new venture. However, you will need to pay particular attention to your branding and signage because otherwise you may simply be lost in the confusion. What do you need to think about as you make your crucial preparations?

Understanding the Challenge

It pays to do a lot of research well ahead of your opening date. Go to the thoroughfare in question during the busiest part of the day and stand at one end of the street. Take in everything that you can see from the point of view of a shopper and you will quickly determine how "busy" this scene can be. There is always a risk of sensory overload here because there will be a plethora of signs trying to attract the consumer. Some of these will be well-designed while others will not be, and you want to ensure that your business doesn't get lost in the madness.

Focus on Your Message

It's likely that you will have a marketing campaign in place linked to an online web presence and other material. You must have a clear and identifiable brand, and this must be replicated through every element of your marketing if you want to convince a prospect of your credibility.


Any signage that you place outside must feature your logo, colour scheme or message. You don't want to create a conflict by having a different branding message on your website compared to your high street location.

Tightly Branded

Having said that, it does pay to keep your branding message simple. Before you open this new store (and especially if it is your flagship location), perhaps you need to restructure your entire company branding approach and come up with a simpler and more relevant logo. Remember, you have very little time to make an impression when somebody is walking down that high street. You will need to attract footfall with clear, well-placed and carefully created signs.

Down to Detail

Work with a graphic designer to streamline and simplify your branding as needed and then talk with a signage supplier to see what options are available. Choose your signage type carefully and remember, the local jurisdiction may restrict your choice to a certain extent.

For more information on signs, contact a sign-maker.