One Feature Every Store Should Have After Coronavirus Restrictions Ease

Coronavirus will have a lasting impact on every part of life for many months, if not years, to come. From a severe economic strain to the realities of living in a semi-social distanced world until a vaccine is available. That will likely mean no overseas travel, restricted imports and highly alert shopping centres for the time being. One thing all shops and retail space should be planning is the installation of perspex sheeting. Not only could these save your customers life, but they will give them the confidence to return and here is why.

Air Droplets

From what we currently know of COVID-19, we understand that it can be spread in public through droplets from a cough or sneeze. When outdoors, these droplets get sanitised by the sun in short order, as the UV rays destroy the virus. However, inside these droplets can land on multiple surfaces and stay alive for days. The one place you are more likely to have an interaction with customers is at the cashier's desk, and putting up cut to size perspex sheeting at face level can reduce the odds of exposure. It also means if you, or an employee, somehow contracts COVID-19, then you will significantly reduce your own chance of spreading it.

Easy To Customise

Many stores have already taken this route with a perspex sheeting, and many other stores have placed backorders to get the same thing. The part that takes the longest is getting your measurements correct and designing a simple but effective barrier system. You need to still be able to talk to your customers, and you should have space for an EFTPOS machine. Apart from those restrictions, it is entirely up to you how you structure your perspex. 

Utilise This Space

The great thing about cut to size perspex sheeting is that it is easy to print or add signage onto. That means you can actually turn this obstruction into a positive by advertising current sales, upcoming events and any other information your customers might need to know. When you schedule a perspex contractor to come and measure your specific area, ask them how they would frame it so that they could take advantage of this free real estate. In business, you should always be looking to kill two birds with one stone, and using the perspex sheeting as a space for advertisements will turn something that could be negative into a huge positive for your business.