Neon or LED Signage: 4 Ways Retrofitting Your Business with the Latter Pays Off

Illuminating your business with signs will help promote your brand. However, choosing signage for your business can sometimes be overwhelming. You have to consider some factors before selecting the one you feel will be the most ideal for your business. Essentially, there are two major types of business signs to choose from: neon and LED. Neon have been the conventional way used by many business owners for their signage. However, the increase in the use of LED signs has sparked some questions concerning the benefits of these signs.

Neon vs LED Signs: Which is Right for Your Business?

It used to be that businesses in need of an illuminated sign would invariably go for neon. While neon signs do remain a fantastic choice, the rise of LED technology has brought a new option to the table, and you should really take the time to consider the individual benefits of each type of sign before you make your final decision. Here's a quick overview to help yourself decide. Why Use a Neon Sign?

Tips for Using Signage to Increase Your Business

Internet advertising and social media are very popular ways for businesses to find customers, but actual signage is still vitally important for a business to grow. Signs can get the attention of passersby in any area to advertise your physical location, website or other contact information. To use signage to increase your business, note a few important tips to consider. Customer lawns If you're a painter, landscaper, tree trimmer or contractor, ask if you can put a sign in their front lawn after the work is finished, and keep it there for a few weeks.